Celebrating its 12th Anniversary, PT Sukses Mantap Sejahtera is Optimistic The Company will Continue to Grow and Move Forward

Dompu, 27th April 2024 - PT Sukses Mantap Sejahtera (SMS), a subsidiary of the Samora Group, celebrated its twelve anniversary. PT SMS was established with a strong initiative aimed at to educate local farmer and also to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people, especially farmer community in Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara.


To celebrate its twelve-year journey, PT SMS held a ceremonial the expression of gratitude to God and Halal Bihalal located in Doropeti Village, Pekat, Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. The occasion was not only attended by PT SMS factory employees but also attended by representatives of the Director and partner farmers.



In his opening remarks, Syukur HK, the Operation Vice President of PT Sukses Mantap Sejahtera, said “Building trust within the Doropeti Village community was not an overnight achievement; it required long process and significant effort. Today, we all can have felt the positive impacts. Among these are the improved road access, local employment absorption, and the partnership programs that have been running for the past  years.”


Sentosa Setiawan, Vice President of the Sugar and Plantation Operating Unit at PT SMS, added, “PT SMS has succeeded in improving the people's economic standard of living sustainably. Initially, their work in not decent area, but now they have become our sugarcane farming partners. The multiple effect extends beyond our employees and partner farmers to the surrounding community near the PT SMS factory.”