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PT Samora Usaha Makmur hereinafter referred to as Samora Group, the journey began when it was established the first refined sugar plant in 2004 under the name PT Sentra Usahatama Jaya. To support its business development, in 2011 was established the second refined sugar plant under the name PT Andalan Furnindo. And in 2012 expanded its business by establishing PT Medan Sugar Industry the third refined sugar plant in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra.

Along with business progress and the need for synergy, Samora Group was established in 2013 with mission “to bring positive development and change” not only for shareholders and employee but also aimed at external stakeholders including the surrounding community near the Company’s operations and Indonesian people in general.

For Samora Group, business is about more than profits. It is a means for improving the quality of human life. To achieve these goals, in 2016 was established PT Sukses Mantap Sejahtera to educate local farmer and also to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people, especially farmer community in Dompu, Nusa Tenggara Barat.

Nowdays, Samora Group continually aspires to be the asset of the nations. In celebration of its existence in the country for one decade, Samora Group has committed to making sustainable living commonplace through profitable and sustainable growth.


Our Vision

To be Indonesian's leading life essential company

Our Mission

To bring positive development and change


value Samora Group


Comply to the code of ethics and regulations, as well as doing the right things with or without supervision

Continuous Learning

Continuosly innovate and make positive changes in every field

Strive for Excellence

Always strive to added value to customers, shareholders, and stakeholders

Team Work

Collaborate with a spirit of inclusiveness and equality to achieve goals


Commitment to be reliable and data oriented


Resepect and value every individual regardless of differences in age, race, religion, beliefs, gender, and physical condition


Head Office

Samora Group

Menara Thamrin Jl. M.H. Thamrin, RT.2/RW.1, Kb. Sirih, Kec. Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10250, Indonesia