Our Group Is Commited To You

Samora group is rising to the call of becoming Indonesia's leading life essential company. We commit ourselves to bring positive developments and changes for Indonesia.

Our Mission
to bring positive development and change.

Our Vision
to be Indonesia's leading life essential company.

What Every Samoran Believes

  1. We want to be an asset for Indonesia.
  2. Integrity, honesty, and continuous learning are at the heart of our business.
  3. Strive for excellence through excellent teamwork.
  4. Inspire innovation and creativity in everything we do.
  5. Respect and care for others.
  6. Our customer's interest always comes first.

What Every Samoran Believes

Excellent People Development
The future of Samora lies on our greatest asset: people.

Healthy Financial Growth
Sustainable financial growth as a means to achieve all of the other values and objectives.

Sustainable Socio Economic Development
Our business must be inclusive, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable.

Excellent Products & Services Quality
We drive and equip our subsidiaries to be at their maximum potentials in delivering best products and services.

Ushering Our Nation's Growth & Development

Agri Plantation

Our existence in the form of plantation and mill serve to be part of a great movement to build and empower eastern Indonesia, providing social upgrade and meeting consumption needs for food and energy.

Industrialization: Mill, Refineries, And Network Infrastructure

Turning raw materials into products of higher value- we strive to meet the demands of F&B industries all over Indonesia, providing excellent and high quality products and services.

Bio-based Building Blocks

From bio-energy to high value added bio-chemicals, we help forge sustainable future by converting plantation and industrial waste into bio-based building blocks.

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